Welcome friends! 

I am Jeff Gibbs, writer, director, producer, composer and unrepentant tree hugger.

My breakthrough film “Planet of the Humans” has now been viewed by tens of millions around the world.

You can watch, rent, buy or learn more about “Planet of the Humans” here:


Given the dire state of the planet and the profound failures of the corporate-funded environmental movement, I decided to make “Planet of the Humans” available for free for a time. The response was so incredible I left the free option open.

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I have also been a producer and/or composer for Academy Award and Palme d’Or winning and other films.

— Bowling for Columbine
— Fahrenheit 9/11
— Shut Up and Sing
— At the Edge of the World
— Fahrenheit 11/9


I have given talks and workshops at festivals, Columbia, Penn State, and Northwestern and appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and CBS and many other outlets.


Topics include:

— Secrets of Making a Blockbuster Documentary

— Why “Green” Technology Can’t Save Us and What to Do Instead

—Overshoot and Collapse

—“Planet of the Humans” screening and discussion.

I consult on a limited number of projects each year.